Thursday, 21 March 2013

Introduce Myself

Hi All, 

I thought i'd do a quick post to introduce myself. 

My name is Becky and I am a huge lover of books, my passion started when I was 12. I was on a caravan holiday with my family and the weather was so awful we were confined to the caravan. Having nothing to do I was searching through the cupboards when I discovered an old Mills and Boon book. "Ah Well may as well try this there's nothing else to do!" I thought and I was hooked!

I am glad to say my taste in books has expanded over the years and I've come to love many different genres of books. My favorites of those is probably Paranormal Romance and Suspense romance but I love to read just about anything!

Some of my favorite authors are Nalini Singh, Kristen Ashley, Julie Garwood, J.R Ward and J.K Rowling (I love Harry Potter!).

I thought I would set up this blog to share the books that I love and hate and to review any new books i'm reading. I would love if you could follow my blog and let me know what your favorite books are!

Thanks All


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