Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Review: Mafia Girl by Deborah Blumenthal

This is my review for 'Mafia Girl' by Deborah Blumenthal. I was given an advanced reader copy from Net Galley to Review.

Book Release Date: 1st March 2014


"What's in a name? Everything… if you have my name." At her exclusive Manhattan high school,  seventeen-year-old Gia is the most hated/loved girl in school. Why? Her father doesn't have a boss. He is the boss—the capo di tutti cappi, boss of all bosses. Not that Gia cares. But life gets complicated when she meets a cop she calls  "Officer Hottie" and feels a suprising  chemistry. Then Vogue magazine wants to feature Gia in a fashion spread about real-life bad girls. On top of this, she's running for class president. Can Gia step out from under her dad's shadow and show everyone there's more to her than "Mafia Girl?"


I got really excited when I read the synopsis for this book as it's something I have never seen before. The ideal of a book being written about a Gangsters daughter is certainly a unique one!

The book started off great as you immediately got the sense that the main character Gia was a fiesty and sassy lady. However after the first few chapters things started to get slightly unrealistic!

Gia, a 17 year old gangsters daughter falls immediately in love with a police officer (who must be over 21 as he drinks) who pulls her over for speeding. She then basically stalks him and tracks down where he lives and hangs out (all within a couple of days) and then confronts him and repeatably throws herself at him. During all of this the male lead is supposedly also in love with her but resisting things! This just seems really unlikely as a) she's only 17 b) she's a gangsters daughter and he's a police officer and c) it's only been 5 minutes since they met and she's been stalking him.....

Gia's family then have some legal dramas which causes the couple to break up. A few chapters go by and then suddenly they are back together, another chapter goes by and the book ends! Really abruptly as well! I can't seem to find any reference on the authors website that this book will have a follow up book but if it does it would make sense as this book just reads as though it is the first part of a story.

This is a Young Adult book so I understand that this is written for a younger audience however that is no excuse for such a week plot!

So overall, even though I liked the general ideal of the book the overall plot and character development just didn't live up to expectations.

My rating for this book is:

1.5 stars out of 5

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