Monday, 16 December 2013

Review: The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry

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This is my review for 'The summer I found you' by Jolene Perry. I was given an advanced copy by Net Galley to review.


All they have in common is that they're less than perfect. And all they're looking for is the perfect distraction.

Kate's dream boyfriend has just broken up with her and she's still reeling from her diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.  Aidan planned on being a lifer in the army and went to Afghanistan straight out of high school. Now he's a disabled young veteran struggling to embrace his new life. 
When Kate and Aidan find each other neither one wants to get  attached. But could they be right for each other after all?


This book is from the new genre of young adult books (YA) so my initial reaction to receiving this book was that I was too old for it and would find it silly. How wrong was I! this was a great little read!
The basic story of the book was the developing relationship between Kate (heroine) and Aidan (hero) and their struggle to deal with their changing lives.
Kate's boyfriend had just broken up with her and she had only recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which she is in denial over. Aiden was 19 year old veteran of the war in Afghanistan and was disabled and lost an arm in the war.
I loved the relationship between the two characters and the way that Kate had no filter between her mouth and her brain! I also found their respective struggles with their personal health issues really refreshing to read and happy that the author didn't shy against such difficult subjects. 
Overall this was a lighthearted but touching and emotional story and although aimed at the older teen is perfect for any age.
My overall rating of the book is:
4 out of 5 stars.

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